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What gains in terms of horsepower do you think I will get out of a tune.

  • 50+ (Dare to dream.)

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  • 40-50 (Tuner knows what he's talking about.)

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  • 10-20 (A little, but not enough to be worth it.)

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  • 0-10 (This is all a big waste of time and money.)

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  • Kaboom! (You're gonna f*@& it up!)

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2013 Dodge Grand Caravan
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Just got my HP Tuners MVPI2 and started to do some logging.


Poor Caraline has a bit of an identity crisis. She thinks she's a VW.

Unfortunately, during my first outing while logging, my thermostat appears to have gotten stuck shut. Have to push back logging until after I get that replaced. Data acquired while in an overheating condition will not be very useful. So it's still going to be a while longer before I actually get a tune on her. Hopefully the air/fuel ratio gauge and sensor arrive by the weekend. Get both of those dealt with and the new Pacifica injectors in and we should be in good shape.

Curious how much power I will be able to make once I've gotten things ready. So far I have a cold ram air intake, Pacifica lower manifold, replaced main muffler with a Borla ProXS, and ruthenium spark plugs. Not much, I know, but not a lot is available for these engines, especially in FWD layout. I am going to add the Pacifica injectors, which may or may not do anything. They are rated the same, but have twice as many outlet holes than the stock injectors. Improved spray pattern may help. Going to log a few times before swapping them to see if they do anything on their own.

A tuner said I should be able to get 40-50 HP, but I think that's a bit much. I'd be happy with putting more to the wheels than a stock Pentastar Challenger.
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