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I have a quick question about a different vehicle of mine, I've been looking everywhere I can imagine for a replacement T.B.I. Throttle Body for my 1985 Ford Mustang Lx/Gt with a 3.8L V6 engine. I simply can't find one. I've checked all kinds of sites, stores, junk yards, you name it & I've probably checked it. If anyone could help me out in locating one I would forever be grateful, I'd probably even write a song about you!!馃槀LOL! PLEASE HELP! Thank you

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My best friend had an 86 Mustang LX with the 3.8 that he bought from his oldest brother. That was a fun car! Transmission was starting to go, as it wouldn't engage drive when cold (probably an internal seal causing torque converter leakdown). A medium sized tree branch broke and fell on it, crushing in the driver side roof/door. My dad (a bodyman) brought over our porta-power hydraulic ram and pushed/straightened it out again. Then he got run off the road by a large truck he was passing (driver didn't see him already passing him) and he had to take the ditch, which hit a field approach and went flying! The landing crushed the lower radiator support/radiator. Car was totalled by insurance. Lucky he was wearing his seat belt, which I was always preaching to him. He and a younger brother riding with him hit their heads on the roof when they "jumped". He nearly hit a ravine when he took the ditch, which would have ended VERY badly!
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