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My wipers quit working last week, I could hear the wiper motor attempting to rotate (it was really loud), but it was seized mid-rotation.

I tapped the link wiper linkage with a mallet to move it past the seizure and the motor rotated until seizing at the exact same point in its rotation on the next cycle. I then disconnected the wiper linkage and saw that the motor was seizing even when not connected to the linkage. After seeing this I ordered a re-man motor from napa.

The reman motor worked fine by itself, I connected the linkage one side at a time to test and then ran it with both sides connected. Everything looked good until I reattached the wiper arms. At this point, the new motor partially cycled and then seized at the exact same point as the old motor.

Could the "wiper timing" be causing this issue? I matched the position of the old motor when installing the new one, but since the old motor wasn't operating correctly, there's a good chance the position I matched was incorrect.

Any advice would be appreciated, I need this van back on the road.
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